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Bienvenidos a mi blog:

Bueno mi gente Aki les dejo a...MIKITON con su nuevo hit single "BAILALO" Que esta sonando en todos lado y pronto en la radio de tu zona. Espero que les guste .
Gracias por el apoyo y no se olbiden de buscar la copia gratis de bailalo y tu free ringtone pase por el myspace link...

Welcome to my blog:

well my people here i present MIKITON with his new hit single "BAILALO" which is playin everywhere
and soon in your nearest radio station hope you like it and thanks for the support and for more information go to the myspace link and get your free ringtone also your free copy of bailalo...

The Biography

The World is finally ready for Mikiton- Solo Artist of the new Generation of Reggaeton and Latin Hip-hop
Never before has there been a Artist like Mikiton: a artist with the voice, the look, the style, the steps and, most of all, the understanding into what it means to grow up as a Latino in the United States.

His songs snap with dance beats meet in that sweet spot where the world's hot rhythms blend.
His singing,and rap whether into Hip-hop beats or dem bow, slides in and out of , Spanish, and English , just like the language of millions of kids growing up right now through out the United States.

He was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts as (Jose Miguel Vega)in April 4,1987.Jose M. Vega AKA" Mikiton" was raced in Juna Diaz, Puerto Rico Since he was 2 years old were he stayed till 11 years Old. He was raced with 2 Older Brothers That always listened to Reggaeton, Salsa and Merengue at the age of 11 Mikiton wrote his first song for a talent show in the school. After that expirience Mikiton started Creating more music. At 12 Mikiton meet Angel A.K.A "Strada G" Friend in school Thats when Mikiton Started listening to Hip-Hop and he starts Freestyling with Stada G, 3 Years later Strada G Introduced Jean Paul A.K.A "Scars" To Mikiton Scars a Producer and Rapper.They togehter Started to make Music But they never took it out of the studio Till December of 2006. When Carlos A.K.A C-Town listened to their songs, Carlos became Executive Producer and coach. In February 2007 They started the Production of a Mixtape Called ( El Comienso ) Which comes out in June 2009.

Now Mikiton is working hard in the promotion of his first hit single "Bailalo" and working witrh other producers also colaborating with other Artist.
Did i say the world is finally ready for Mikiton Now!!!! Mikiton is ready to take over the world...

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